After connecting Stays listings to Booking, you will have in the [Channel Managers > > Listings] menu some options to manage the connection through Stays.

As Booking is a channel that works with the hotel/lodging (or property/unit) structure, it is important to verify that for each level there is a set of actions available.

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Hotel level or property (location)

These are actions that are applied in the configuration of the establishment in Booking and the actions are applied to all units of the address.

In this section, you can do the following actions:

Open/Close Calendar
This action will change the status of the location to [Open] or [Close], whether or not to allow new bookings to be entered.
View BuildingBy clicking on the thumbnail photo, on the left, it opens the listing page on Stays for you to verify the registered content, amenities and other important information.
View Building preview
By clicking on the Booking thumbnail, on the right, it will be possible to preview the property registered on the Booking extranet.
Sync policiesSends to Booking the cancellation policies, your children policy, your security deposit charge policy, your default arrivals and departures time and other services and amenities offered by the establishment and your charging policy (e.g. internet, parking, pets, etc.).
This button is valid for the maintenance of lodgings that are already open for sale on Booking.
Sync main infoIn addition to the items above, the title and amenities of your property will be sent, in addition to revalidating the data of your Booking account for the channel.
This option is only indicated if your lodging is not yet open for sale on Booking, as the address is sent and the change of address can only be made in lodgings closed for sale.
Sync extra infoSends the update about your security deposit charging, without involving the other policy items in your establishment.
Sync. House RulesSend details about the lodging rules, such as smoking policy, events and parties and quiet hours.
Update Rates for MobileUpdates your mobile special rates.
It serves to speed up the update process of your special rates to Booking.
Sync photosSends the photos registered on Stays to your Booking listing.
It is important to mention that the photos created directly in the Booking extranet will be excluded from the listing with this action! They need to be in the Stays listing too.
Also pay attention to your Booking listing, as if you have the [Smart ordering] feature activated on the extranet, the order of photos will be managed by!
Sync check-in options
Forces the sending of your listings check-in instructions to your Booking guests.
DisconnectBy doing this action, you stop the transmission of data between Booking and for this listing (property). However, your listing will remain open for bookings on the platform, so in order not to receive bookings, you must unlink from our channel manager!
It is important that you go to your Booking extranet and unlink your product from our channel manager as well!
If you do not unlink the listing, you will not be able to manage it directly from the channel extranet.
When integrating your listings to, by default we will update all these content during connection.
If you want to keep your old content from the Booking listing pre-connection to Stays, it is possible to adjust this in the Booking channel manager settings within Stays!
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Lodging level or unit (listing)

In addition to the per-property settings, you count on additional management options at the lodging level (e.g. each hotel room, each flat apartment, each condominium house, etc.).

To do this, just go to the options icon next to the room name, like the example below:

In this section, you will be able to do the following actions:

InformationThe button will display the list of your rate plans connected to Booking and their connection status with the channel.
It can be a useful tool if you have questions about price integration and whether rates are integrated between Stays and Booking.
Update roomOpens a list of options to update the unit type, send your prices and rates and your unit's main information such as cancellation policy and amenities provided in the unit.
Just select the one you want and click on [Update] again.
Deactivate roomIt blocks all available dates from your calendar on Booking and the unit's commercial status will be "closed and unavailable for reservations" on the channel.
We recommend doing this only for emergency cases where you want to avoid the arrival of new bookings. 
Disconnect roomIn this case, the unit will have the link broken between and Booking, but it it only has a visual effect in the Stays interface.
You should only use this button if you have linked a Booking lodging by mistake so that you can put another one right after it.

Now that you already know how to manage your Booking listings connected through, how about checking more information on the subject?