When you set up your cancellation policies on Stays.net, they will be used as additional information during your guests' purchase process on your website, so check below more details on each moment:

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During the purchase process

Linked to the order confirmation process, the content of your cancellation policy will be displayed to the guests, as a way to give you extra support for future complaints, so it is important that your cancellation policy has a clear content and is aligned with market practices:

For more information on the instant reservation process on your website, check the material below:
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After the purchase is complete

After the purchase is complete, your guests you will have access to a guests page, where they can manage the reservation, and one of the items on the screen is the listing's cancellation policy, since the guest will be able to request the cancellation of the reservation via the website and, with the content of the policy, they will already be aware of possible penalties and amount retentions:

Remember that on cancellation requests via website, the final say is always the company's so knowing how to manage cancellation requests may result in some retentions!
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