House rules - or listing rules - let the guest know about the expected conduct during the stay. They can also detail additional information about the place.

The registration of this information is done individually in each listing, even if it is part of a multi unit address. The only exception is to the cloned listings, because the content is always linked to the parent listing. 

To register the rules of each listing, follow the steps below: 

  1. Access the [Listings] menu;
  2. Find the desired listing and select the [Details] option;
  3. On the [Content > House Rules] section;
  4. Fill out the information according to the instructions on the screen;
  5. Save the changes made.

The information will be visible on your Stays website and it is also part of the content connection with Booking, Airbnb and Vrbo channels.  

If your listing is pet friendly, remember to register this information as this is one of the 5 most sought by Airbnb guests.