A Multi Unit Location on Stays.net means a location that has more than one unit being marketed.

In it you will register information about the location and then you will have to create the units (listings) that belong to the address.
In practice, this would apply to a building, condominium, inn and other structures.

To make these entries, access the [Listings] menu, select the [By Location] tab and click on the green [+Listing] button on the upper right side of the screen.

Select the Option
Enter the Initial Information
If you have imported your Airbnb listings from the same address and want to work with them on the same listing on Booking or Expedia, this process is fundamental!

Upon reaching the panel, you must complete the steps below:

Register the descriptive contentIt will help your guests to know more about the place, either on the website or in the sales channels with content connection.SEE DETAILS
Register the place's addressIt serves for both your internal organization and your listings.SEE DETAILS
Create listings linked to a Multi Unit Location
It will be the units that will allocate guests in your listing.
E.g. Hotel rooms, condo apartments, etc.
Make the bed configuration
It serves to define the maximum capacity of guests of your listings.SEE DETAILS
Register photos of a room
It serves to have listings of a better quality.SEE DETAILS
Register interesting places in the surroundingsIt is complementary information to the address that can define the guest's choice for your listing.SEE DETAILS
Insert photos of the place and surroundingsThey serve as a complement of information for your guests and the [Reservation & Bookings] menu, in addition to being information for sales channels with content connection.SEE DETAILS
Choose the main photo of the listingIt will be the business card for your listing on sales channels and on your website.SEE DETAILS
Set the main photo of each unit
It serves to better differentiate each unit of your Multi Unit Loca.

Do you have similar or identical units?
Stays.net counts on the copying and cloning of listings feature to help you!
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