During the management of your addresses that have several linked units, when accessing the [Listings] tab, next to your units you will have the [Add] button, as shown below:

By selecting this option, you will have three options of actions to manage the chosen unit, so see below what each one means:

Usage Example
GroupListings from the same address that have the same standard of service and are in a room category, all units will follow the prices set in the parent listing.An inn that has 10 rooms with a view of the back with cable TV, ceiling fan, minibar and antique furniture.
Extend availabilityIdentical listings at the same address that are in the same room category, all units created will follow the prices and content of the parent listing.20 apartments in a flat with the same decoration and the same panoramic view of the sea.
DuplicateThe original listing will be used as a content base for the creation of new units, but there will be no price or content link between the created units and the parent listing, and the address may even be changed after creation.3 apartments renovated by the same architect that are similar in terms of amenities and decoration, but at different addresses.
Pay attention to the commercial status of the units created after your action, as in some cases they will be as [Draft], which does not allow sales of reservations or connection to channels!
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