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Defining the standard policy on Rates

You will be able to set up your mobile rate from Booking through Stays.net panel, from the steps below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > Booking.com] menu;
  2. Access the [Settings] tab;
  3. Click on the [Mobile Promotions] option;
  4. In the [Mobile Rates Settings] section, activate your rate and define its target;
  5. Fill in the discount and dates in which you do not want the rate to be used;
  6. Save the changes at the upper right side of the screen next to the section title.

Setting the policy per listing

It is also possible to set the mobile rates per listing. In this case, just click on [allow individual] in the [Do you want to set the configuration per listing?] field when setting your mobile rate:

After that, access the connection settings of your listings, click on the arrow next to them, and edit it according to your preferences:

The update of the information occurs automatically a few minutes after your changes on Stays.net. However, if necessary, you can force the update manually from the [Update Rates for Mobile] option, on the options button next to your listing.

For more tips on mobile rates and the advantages of using the feature in your Booking.com listings, check out the link below: