For you to create Booking listings from, it is necessary that your Booking account have a number named Legal Entity ID.

In case you are a new partner and initiate your registration through the Booking platform, you will receive automatically the Legal Entity ID from the channel.
However, if you already have a registration or will initiate a new one via Stays, see the instructions of this article!

Initiating the registration via Stays

For you to get this number from your, follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers >] menu;
  2. Go to the [Configuration] tab on the left side of the screen;
  3. Fill in the information from the [Account Settings] section;
  4. Save the information at the upper right side of the screen;
  5. Click on the [Get Entity ID] button once you have filled in the information.

After your action above, the system will indicate the Legal Entity ID number on the screen. In addition, you will receive a form in your contact email to fill in your information for validation by the Booking team:

When submitting your Entity ID request to Booking, we will add a yellow alert in your Stays channel manager and you can reinforce the request if necessary.

Listings created from your system will only be approved by Booking after signing the contract!
I want to know more...

I am a former client and already have registration at Booking

If you already have an active Entity ID with Booking and you know the number, just fill in your registration information and put the number in this space below, without clicking on the yellow button. It is only necessary to click on [Save].

If you are already a channel partner but do not have or do not know your Entity ID, please contact support so they can assist you in this matter. Once you have the Entity ID, you will be able to enter it in your Stays system according to the guidelines in this article.

Now that you know how to add or request your Legal Entity ID, the next connection step is the configuration of your channel manager!