Before proceeding with the instructions in this article, it is important that you comply with the requirements below on

To create your Stays listings on Booking, just follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers >] menu;
  2. Open the [Listings] tab;
  3. Choose the desired listing and click on the [Connect to] button;
  4. Select the [Create a listing] option.

By clicking on [Create a listing], your Booking account data registered on Stays and other information will be validated by Booking and, after a few moments, you will already receive a Booking property ID, like the example below:

Now it is time to open your units inside the property and submit the prices and calendar information!

To complete the upload of your units to Booking, follow the steps below:

1Click on [Connect]Next to each unit of your property there will be a [Connect] button.
The first step is to click on it to select the next action.
You will need to do this on every unit of your property that has the [Connect] button next to it!
2Select to create listingYou will have a window asking what you want to do.
In our case it is listing creation, so click on the [Create a listing] option.
3Choose the unit typeChoose the type of booking lodging that is most compatible with your unit.
You cannot repeat the same name in another unit of the same property, therefore choose very carefully!
4Wait for the information to loadBy clicking on [Create], will start sending the information to Booking and at the right side of the screen you will have some yellow validation messages.
The final result should be like the image at the side and you should click on the [Open] button to proceed.
5Wait for Booking's confirmationUpon completion of the submission of listing information, your product will be submitted to for validation, and you will see the lodging with the [Ready to Check] status.
The verification process takes, on average, 1 hour and the official deadline is up to 24 hours and the connection status is automatically changed.
6Confirm the listing openingAfter validation by Booking, your lodging will have the [Ready to open] status.
This means that you should take a last look at your extranet and the listing information and, if it is ok, just release the publication through the Stays screen, from the [Open] button in the property's action panel.
7Good sales!After clicking on the [Open] button, your lodging will have a [Open / Bookable] green tag.
That means it is open and available for sales on and you can get ready to receive your reservations on the Stays calendar!

If you got stuck in step 4, the link below has some tips for you to follow, in order to eliminate the yellow messages that are preventing you from proceeding!
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If you would like more information about the commercial statuses that may appear in your Stays listings on your Booking channel manager, check out the material in the link below!
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