By linking Booking listings to, by default, your listings will receive content updates based on what you have registered on our platform automatically, as Stays is a channel with full content connection to Booking (content and photos).

Regarding, you can set if you want to continue maintaining your listing content through Booking or will use the information entered on Stays for this task.

To configure this, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers >] menu;
  2. Access the [Settings] tab;
  3. Click on the [Content] option;
  4. Find the [API Content Settings] section;
  5. Carefully read the options and instructions and choose your preferences;
  6. Save the changes made at the top right side of the page.

In addition to the above options, it is possible to set the configuration for each listing. Just mark the [allow individual] option in the [Allow to define different per property?] field.

These settings only affect the listings update process. That is, even if you have marked [No] on everything, this will not prevent you from creating new Booking listing through!

Now that you already know how to manage the content information of the listings registered on Booking, how about checking out more related subjects?