The flow described in this article applies to reservations made via your website or manually created by the user.
Reservations coming from sales channels have another logical behavior!
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How to change a reservation's arrival and departure date?

During hosting routine, it is common that, due to unexpected circumstances, it is necessary to change the date of arrival and departure of guests, so to change the date of arrivals and departures, just access the reservation's page and in the upper part Arrival or Departure, just add the change, indicate whether the reservation prices should be recalculated and confirm the action:

Starting to change the date
Filling out the change information

What will change to the Reservation?

In addition to the expected result of changing the Calendar, it is important to note that this will update the distribution of operational tasks, causing the activity to return to the initial panel and there is also the commercial impact of having to generate a new Rental Agreement with the updated dates.

To do this, Reservations will have an alert like the one below to generate a new document for guests to sign:

For further details about how to send Rental Agreements, see the material below:
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Now that you know about arrival and departure date changes for your reservations via the website and direct sales, how about checking other related changes?