has the integration feature of the Booking routine with the main sales channels in the market and with this you will have the assistance of your Channel Manager in these cases.

Booking, AirBnB and Expedia Channels

The connection to these channels makes it possible to read about the change of check-in or check-out dates by the guest in their portal and will update the date of the Reserve in their calendar once they receive the information of these channels.

At the same time, we triggered an email to notice you or your staff about this change.

It is important to mention that this behavior only applies to Reserves imported via our connection.

HomeAway Channels and affiliates 

The complete connection process is in the final process of validation by HomeAway and soon you will also have this facility.

At the moment, maintenance needs to be done by you manually in your calendar.

FlipKey Channel (or TripAdvisor)

The connection to the channel only sends information, so the maintenance of your Reservations also needs to be done manually in your calendar.

Now that you already know about the date change notice email in Reservations, how about setting up your recipients?

How do I define the e-mails that will receive notifications about Reservations?