When integrating your listings with the main sales channels in the market from the Stays.net calendar connection, it is necessary to pay attention that when there is a change in the date of arrival or departure of guests via the sales channel, you will need to comply with the policies of the channels.

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Sales channels with reservation import

Here you will find channels such as Booking.com, Despegar, Expedia, Homes & Villas and the other channels on the compatibility list for sending reservations to your Stays.net calendar!

To see the full list of compatible sales channels with Stays.net, see the material below:
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For these channels, the behavior is the same: the channel will update the reservation date and will send to Stays a date update action, so the procedure is automatic! 

Changing the reservation date via Stays.net will not have any impact on the channels and this may trigger unexpected behavior such as overbookings or availability conflicts.
If you need support regarding these changes, contact the Call Center of the sales channel through which the reservation was made!


From the connection functionality on reservation changes, it is possible that - in addition to the behavior described above - hosts initiate requests to guests for the following actions:

  • Arrival and departure dates;
  • Changing of the reserved 
The above actions will send requests for guests to accept.
If they accept, Airbnb will send an update and the information will automatically update.
Remember that the action depends on the guest's accepatance, so it does not have and immediate effect on Airbnb!

To initiate change requests, simply go to the Reservation Page and request the change in this format:

Changing dates
Listing's change (on testing)

In addition to being able to request changes, for reservations coming from Airbnb, you will also be able to manage change requests made by guests, from the Show changes button, located in the partnership block on the Reservation's Page:

Showing changes
Managing the changes
From the Actions button it is possible to cancel or accept the changes requested by the guests and in cases of requests initiated by the host, it is only possible to cancel the request.

Now that you already know about the behavior of Stays.net when changing reservations in sales channels, how about looking at other related subjects?