The reservation page is the location for managing your rentals and there you can make adjustments to your operational, commercial or even marketing routine.

Here are some tips on how to access your reservations page:

I received a reservation notification from the system and I want to check more detailsBy default, the e-mail notification comes with the 5-character reservation code (ex: FG03E).
In this case, follow this path: In the top menu of the system, enter the reservation code in the [Quick Search] field. Press [Enter] on your keyboard and wait for the results. The reservation will be on the screen. Just click on [Details] to go to the reservation page.
If it is a reservation coming from an OTA integrated with, it is possible to locate it using the partner reservation code as well.

I want to access the reservation pages for the arrivals and departures I have today (or another day)In this case, the simplest path is: Access [Reservation Center > Reception]. Filter the desired period on the left side. Click on [Update]. Click on the blue button containing the reservation code to access.

In addition to the two paths above, there are several others scattered throughout the system, with emphasis on the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] screen and on some screens in the financial module, where the reservation code is presented as a link.