If your transfer is planned and you already know the new lodging for the booking, follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Calendar List Screen] on your menu;
  2. Search for your booking on the calendar list screen;
  3. Upon finding the booking, click and hold the mouse over it;
  4. Drag it to the new lodging;
  5. Define whether the original booking prices will be maintained or should be recalculated;
  6. Confirm the action.

This path above is applicable when you already know the new destination of the booking. For cases where you still need to look for a new lodging, it is possible to do the process through the booking page.

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Important:If it is an imported booking through channel manager, manage the transfer of lodgings with the OTA and wait for the synchronization on the Stays.net calendar! 
Performing this action manually on the system in lodgings that are not in the same vertical rate group may trigger conflicts!

What are vertical rate groups?