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The actions described in this article apply in the cases of Bookings through your websitemanually created or Channels Bookings without import of Bookings on!

To change the arrival or departure date of a Booking, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Booking's Page;
  2. Find the [Arrivals] or [Departures] section in the superior part of the page;
  3. Click on the [pen] icon located by the side of the arrival or departure time;
  4. Fill the new arrival or departure date according to your preference;
  5. Define if the original price will be kept or if there will be price recalculation;
  6. Click on [Update] to complete the process!

Important: After changing the arrival ou departure date, don't forget to identify the update of the Ren Contract and, if necessary, resend the document updated to the guest.
Regarding that, will alert you on the Booking's screen, like the example below:

In addition to changing the arrival and departure date, you can also manage the time.

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How to change the arrival or departure time?