When using the prices per period settings, you will have access to a variety of pricing features. It is important to know how the features relate to make sure that the settings are aligned with your prices.

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Global seasonsIt is the basic level of registration, where each day of the year must be linked to a season.
The start of a season must always be on the same date as the previous season ends.
Set up on [Catalog > Price Rules > +Period].
Individual seasonsThey represent the basic level of registration, but the adjustment is made in each listing. Useful for those who have few listings and work with different standards.
When creating an individual season, it is important to disable the global season for the period, if the listing already has a rule of this level.
Global eventsAdvanced structures in relation to the seasons, that usually have a short duration. The main goal is to change the minimum nights and increase profitability in periods of high demand (e.g. Carnival).
Set up on [Catalog > Price Rules > +Period].
Individual eventsYou can create events for specific listings - in this case, it is not necessary to remove the seasons of the period. Regardless of whether it is global or individual, it is important to understand how events can change your pricing routine. Read the full article before working with events. 
Dynamic pricing rulesThis variation can be applied either per listing or in the general panel of prices on [Catalog > Price Rules]. The feature allows the variation of prices according to each moment the reservation was made, that is, to vary prices according to the number of days remaining in relation to the date of the guest's arrival.
Some examples of rules: reservations in advance and last minute reservations
Prices per dayOn the [General Calendar], you can set the daily rate amount for the period selected in the listing. That overrides the prices set.  Important: if there are prices per day, all rates obtained in the items above will be ignored and the promotions and weekend fees will be calculated based on the price per day.
PriceLabs integrationYou can set your prices via PriceLabs and App Center, and let your pricing on autopilot. If you do this, it is important to know that only the PriceLabs price is used and all the structures above in the table will be ignored. It is possible to apply promotions and weekend fees on top of the price generated by PriceLabs.
Promotions and increases

This level is related to the change in prices per day of the week or in certain periods, both in relation to the increase or discount on prices already configured in the previous levels.
These actions void dynamic pricing rules and conflict with promotion packages.
If you use the prices per period model and want to create highlighted periods with minimum nights and amounts different from your price rules, you can create promotional packages.  
Although it is not highlighted on the channels, users can see the promotional periods on your Stays website. 

We recommend new users to start with the prices per night model, since the structure has fewer variations and allows more control over the prices.  the user with some price control.