Promotion packages serve to make the rate structure more flexible so that any gaps in the calendar are filled.

The prices created in these packages overlap the prices of the seasons and events and, therefore, it is possible for you to make your lodging available for rent for 1 night only on an exception basis, for example. 

See the example below, where the one-night rental would be lost if you have a rate with minimum night stays longer than 1 night.
This tool is focused on making your rates more flexible for short periods.

How to activate the feature?Just access the [Settings > General Settings] menu, and in the [Define Your Price Setup Model] section, select [Yes] in the [Enable promotion packages] option and save.SEE DETAILS
How to register?When accessing your lodging's calendar, click and drag between the promotion package dates and when you release the mouse, click on [Promotion Package]. Enter the desired amount, check the [Show on the Website] little box and click on [Publish Promotion].SEE DETAILS
How to configure?During the creation of your promotion package, you will have several configuration components and the current version of the system prices.SEE DETAILS
How to disable?In your lodging calendar or in the calendar list screen, simply find the package dates and click on the amount or orange button and then select [Delete].SEE DETAILS
Is it possible to apply it in vertical rate groups?The promotional packages can only be applied in the parent lodging, being automatically transmitted to the other members of the rate group.SEE DETAILS
How is the interaction with the sales channels?When creating the promotion, the amounts will be sent immediately to channels with rate connection.
Important: If there is a promotion both on Stays and on the sales channel in the same period, there will be an overlapping of rates.
What is the difference between promotions and promotion packages?The promotions are variations on already existing prices and strictly follow the minimum nights structure and only influence the final daily rate amount.
As for the promotion packages, they are structures that aim to fill gaps in the calendar in your listings and give you the freedom to edit the entire structure of the selected period.