To help in the cleaning routines, has some solutions that aim to integrate the sector with other areas of the company, such as the reception, for example.

For the proper functioning of your processes, check below the most recurrent questions from the users:

How are the tasks created?The tasks can be created manually or automatically. Also, it is possible to configure by listing on how your tasks will be created.SEE DETAILS
How to register the amount of the extra cleanings I offer to the guests?You must create the service catalog within the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Extra Services] menu.
When making an extra cleaning, it should be manually created for the team to perform!
How can I leave instructions for my team on a specific reservation?The cleaning instructions for a specific reservation can be left by the reservation page.SEE DETAILS
How to leave recurring instructions about a listing?If the instructions are related to the routine of a listing and apply to all the reservations, you must leave them in the [Cleaning & Maintenance] tab of the listings.SEE DETAILS
How can I monitor the pending issues?The monitoring can be done through the All Tasks panel (Pro clients) or through the [Cleaning Task Dashboard], within the [Task Dashboards] menu, if you have a registered team.SEE DETAILS
How to cancel cleaning pending issues?Just access the task through your preference panel and click on [Solve] to start the process.SEE DETAILS
How to divide a task among collaborators?In cleanings with the need to call for reinforcements with more collaborators, in the [Dashboards de Limpezas] panel you will be able to split a task between 2 or more collaborators. In the All Tasks this is not possible, as it is a panel normally used by only one person.SEE DETAILS
How to include a collaborator's name in the cleaning management panel?To put the name of a member of your team in the cleanings panel, you must link the [cleaning] user task to their account.SEE DETAILS

Now that you know the main information about the cleaning routine of, how about checking other operational areas?