The automatic creation of cleaning tasks helps you keep your routine on autopilot. Pay attention to some details of this tool:

When will the tasks be created?The tasks will be created 14 days prior to the guest's arrival date.
If the reservation is for a period shorter than these 14 days, the task is created after a few minutes.
To avoid confusion, always try to follow the cleaning panel and task priority, as they are based on the listing calendar.
How does Stays know that it has to create the tasks?Stays will base itself on the arrival and departure inspection routine of your confirmed reservations.When activating the creation of automatic cleanings, your team must always write off reception tasks so that the information is aligned.
And what if the listing goes on too long without reservations, how does it work?Stays will automatically create tasks if the listing goes 14 days without reservations, with the goal of being a cleaning just to conserve the space.To avoid listings with a long empty period, always try to make promotions, highlight the listing on the website and other actions.
What is the deadline for carrying out the cleaning tasks?The deadline is stipulated according to what you have configured in the [Cleaning time] field on the [Auxiliaries > Cleaning & Maintenance] tab of your listings.If there is no deadline set in the field, Stays will default to a maximum period of 7 days.
If this model does not suit you, remember that it is possible to create cleaning tasks manually on your panel.

Activating automatic cleaning creation on

Access [Settings > About Operational Tasks > Cleaning]. Remember to save the changes. Iif you wish, it is possible to set the automation of tasks by listing as well.

If your listings have variable policies, configure the model here that applies to most of your listings and, with this, you will only need to edit listings with a different model.

Configuration of the automatic creation per listing

After enabling listing editing in the Stays settings, just access the listing page and go to the [Auxiliaries > Cleaning & Maintenance], tab, on the [Automatic Task Creation] field and save the changes.