Solving the arrival and departure tasks is important to keep your panels up to date, in addition to the fact that this influences in the cleaning tasks routine and in the commercial status of the reservations.

To solve these tasks there are two paths. See below which one you want to use:

All TasksAccess the [Tasks > All Tasks] menu and click on the desired task to open the resolution panel.
This model is best suited for those who have few tasks in the queue or few team members and use the panel mainly for arrival and departure inspections.
INs/OUTs managerFrom the [Tasks > In/Out dashboard] menu you will see the to-do items on the left side.
It is possible to click and drag to the name of the desired collaborator who will perform the task.
For a simpler experience in the [All Tasks] path, delegate your tasks from the [Reservation Center > Reception] panel, so that you will be able to filter the open tasks of each collaborator, if necessary!

By clicking on the desired task in the two ways indicated above, just do the steps below:

  1. Click on [Manage Task];
  2. Click on [Open Checklist]
  3. Fill in the fields in the screen as instructed;
  4. Click on [Validate Arrival] or [Validate Departure].
For cases where the guest did not show up (NO-SHOW) or other tasks without the need for an inspection, it is important to cancel them too.
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Now that you know how to solve the tasks about arrivals and departures of guests, how about checking out more information about this routine?