Bookings registered on can have the following status:

pre bookedThese are bookings where there is still no confirmation by the guest.
It is necessary that the payment of the reservation guarantee is made so that the booking is confirmed effectively.
It is possible to change the status to [booking] manually as well, even without posting receipts to the lease.
bookedThese are bookings where at least the reservation guarantee has already been paid by the guest.
As it is a payment made in advance, there is still a chance for the guest to cancel according to the cancellation policy.
If necessary, it is possible to return to [pre-booking] status if you have not posted receipts yet.
contractThese are bookings where the total amount has been paid and the check-in has been validated.
It means that the guest is in the lodging and the sale has been made.
In this case, it is not possible to return the reservation to [pre booking] or [booking], but only cancel or remove it from the listing calendar.
canceledThese are bookings where the guest has withdrawn from the purchase after having paid at least the reservation guarantee.
deletedThey are [pre booked] in which the guest did not make payment and, therefore, they have expired.
In addition, they may be the guest's purchase desistance in the sales channels.
The basic difference between a [canceled] and [deleted] booking is that in [canceled] there is a payment already made.

It is possible to filter by status in the menu [Reservations & Bookings > Find Booking], as well as view the status in the booking page.