Technical tasks represent the activities performed by your team for the maintenance of your listings and administrative routines in general.

Check the most recurring questions from users in the table below and follow the sequence to configure your correctly.

How are the technical tasks created?The creation is only done manually.
From the [+CREATE] button at the top menu of your, it is possible to create tasks of the technical type.
How to create classification for the technical tasks?During the manual creation of tasks, you will be asked for the type of task. You must register the types of tasks in the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Technical Tasks Classification] menu before starting to create the tasks!SEE DETAILS
How to manage the technical tasks?The management can be done through a simple panel named [All Tasks] (Pro plan) and a panel with the name of the team members and the tasks, [Technical Dashboard].SEE DETAILS
How to monitor old technical tasks?The tasks will be kept in the [All Tasks] panel, found in the [Task Dashboards] menu.SEE DETAILS
Is it possible to delete technical tasks?No, it is not. However, it is possible to close a task instead of solving it, which is the right thing to do in these cases.
How to put a collaborator's name in the technical task panel?All the users who have the [maintenance] task linked to their login will appear on the panel. Just check this option on the desired user.

Now that you know the routine of technical tasks on, how about getting to know the other areas of the operational module?