During the operational routine in the hospitality sector, especially on vacation rental market, it may be necessary to appoint more than one person to perform a task, and for this reason Stays.net has an option to help you.

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Examples of cases in which is necessary appoint more than one person to the task 

Additional Tip
Arrival or departure of groups at the listingOn reservations in which there is a large group arriving and departing in your listings, it is necessary to appoint a group of employees to help in the organization and in the inspection of the listings.If there is a large group in one or two listings for example, you will be able to share the task on the [Tasks > In/Out Dashboard] screen.
Complex maintenance repair
There are cases in which a maintenance service requires two or more employees to perform the task, such as the shipping and installation of a washing machine, for example.To do that, you will be able to share the operational task from the [Tasks > Technical Dashboard] screen.
Cleaning of large or complex listings
From the 3 examples this is the most common in the market, because there are companies that already appoint 2 or more people to clean per listing as a pattern.You can share the execution of a task from the [Tasks > Cleaning Dashboard] screen.
Remember that so you can share the operational tasks between your employees, they need to be registered on the system as a Stays.net user and that the operational area relation is compatible with these dashboards.
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How to share the operational task between 2 or more employees?

To share the operational task between 2 or more employees, just access the operational task in the execution dashboard per team member and click on the wrench icon, like the images below:

Starting the share of the task
Define the employees
Just click on the icon indicated on the image above to start the sharing the task between 2 or more employees.Choose the helpers and do not forget to save the changes.

After you choose, the task will be equally divided between the employees and only the original user will be able solve the task.

Now that you already know already how to share operational tasks between the employees, how about getting to know more about one of the operational areas available on Stays.net?