You can import Calendars from your partners into your Stays Calendar. In this case, you will need to have the iCal link in your partner's product to begin the process.

How to import an iCal calendar into my system?

1. Access your Product and under the "Availability" tab, select the "Ical" option;
2. In the "iCals that are being imported" block, fill in the requested information:

- Reference Name: Useful field for your internal organization. It is recommended to put the name of the partner in question.
- iCal Link: Key information for initiating the connection. Make sure the link you entered is correct.

3. Click the green "+" button to finish the process.

Important informations:

- If you missed the iCal link for some reason, next to the name of the iCal Connection you created, the system will display that iconnext to it.

- Avoid placing a same iCal link on two or more destinations within the system, as this can generate unexpected results in your Calendar. If there is any such situation in your system, the homepage will display the "duplicate iCals" alert.

- The periods transmitted from your partner's calendar will arrive as blockings in your Calendar regardless if it is a Reservation made there or not.

- Before connecting an iCal link, it is important to check if there are some settings for stay restrictions on your source portal. Usually they are also passed as blocking and this can generate undesirable results in your Calendar. Ideally, you should centralize these settings in Stays so if you also export the calendar to the portal, we pass these settings!

- The author of Locks from iCal Connections is called 'StaysBot'. If you find any Block with this author, it is likely that it originated from the import of your iCal calendar.


If my partner deletes a Reservation or Lock on his Calendar, which is being imported by Stays, will this automatically delete the Lock on my system?
Yes. The system will delete the Lock in question in the next iCal calendar import cycle.

Can I configure the time interval for iCal imports?
Yes, you can do this in [Catalog> Settings> General Settings> iCal Import Period]. The minimum interval time is 15 minutes, however it is important to note also, if you also export Calendars, the synchronization time of your partner. Make sure the interval is aligned.

There is an onscreen alert about not connecting AirBnB iCals in this way. Why?
AirBnB has some commercial configurations that restrict Reservations that are transmitted via Block in iCal, generating some additional blocks, so we have been able to adapt our system to only import the Reservations made there in our Channel Manager (iCal connection) and represent them as Reserves in its Calendar, thus helping in the feeding of the database of guests and in statistical indicators.
Connecting the iCal AirBnB link in the path indicated in this article would be valid only for season administrators who have captured Owners who manage the calendar of the property via AirBnB and will also sell there independently. In this case, it is valid to use this path because so the Locks would be imported as well.

Is it possible to import a Calendar from a Stays partner into my system?
Yes, like any other channel that uses iCal, this action is possible. However in this case we can help you with a more complete connection: the Stays Alliance. For more information, see our article here!