Booking window means the maximum amount of time in advance that a guest can book your listings.

It is a setting related to listings that work with instant bookings and very useful to avoid unexpected bookings on your website and sales channels.

What you find in this article

Setting the default Booking Window

You will need to indicate to what the period of your booking window is, being able to enter a maximum period of 24 months or 720 days.

To do this, access the [Settings > Reservation Settings > Duration] menu. In the [Booking Window Settings] section, choose the period of your choice and save the changes.

As an additional help feature, will use this period as a basis for checking if your price register is aligned!
For more details about the price check and alerts, click here!

Configuring the policy per listing

In case you need to configure a different booking window per listing, access the listing page and click on the [Distribution > Reservation Settings] tab.

Just click on the [Individual] button, enter the desired setting and save the changes.

By clicking on the [Global] button it will also be possible to see a preview of the setting that was applied in the global model of the system.

The setting will always be used in listings, even if they are part of a multi listing location. Cloned listings will follow the booking window you set in the parent listing.

Result on the calendar

After you configure your booking window, we will send this information to the channels and, as a guarantee, we will also create blocks like this on your listing calendar:

For reservations created manually in the calendar, you can create them even in periods with a Booking Window block.

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