Booking window means the maximum time in advance that a guest can book your lodgings.

It is a setting related to listings that work with instant bookings and very useful to avoid unexpected bookings on your website and sales channels.

After you set up your booking window, we will send this information to the channels and as a guarantee, we will also create blocks like this in your lodging calendar:

You will need to indicate to what is the period of your booking window, being able to put a maximum period of 24 months or 720 days, from the path below:

  1. Access the [Settings > Reservation Settings] menu;
  2. Find the Booking Window Settings section;
  3. Choose the period of your preference in the field beside;
  4. Save the changes made at the bottom left side of the screen.
As an additional help feature, will use this period as a basis to check if your price registration is aligned!
For more details on the price verifications and alerts, click here!

Further down in the settings, you can enable the settings of your booking window by listing as well.
For more details on how the settings per listing works, click the link below:

See configuration by listing >>