Each listing registered on Stays.net will have an iCal link to be sent to partners so that the availability information of its calendar is transmitted.

To export the calendar, it is necessary that you provide in your destination tool the iCal link of your Stays listing.
This link can be found from the path below:

  1. Access your Stays.net listing page;
  2. Click on the [Availability] tab;
  3. Click on the [iCal] option;
  4. Find the [iCal link of this property] section;
  5. Next to the link, click on the [Copy] button;
  6. Paste the information in the desired destination location.

You will be able to send this iCal link to multiple platforms or even integrate calendars between your Stays.net listings.

In this type of connection, Stays.net is only responsible for generating the content of the iCal link, so the time of importing the information on the platform you have entered is the responsibility of the platform.