How to import the calendars into the listing?

To import the external calendar into a listing from your, simply get the iCal link from your partner's calendar and follow the instructions below:

  1. Access your listing page;
  2. On the [Distribution] tab, click on the [iCal] option;
  3. In the [Imported iCal Calendars] section, put the requested information;
  4. Click on the [+iCal Link] button to complete the connection.
On calendar connections involving Stays listings, only blocks and reservations will be imported.
Settings such as "preparation time", "blocks for early arrivals" or "late departures", for example, will not be imported on the connection.

When you finish this action, all reservations or occupied spaces in your partner's calendar will arrive as blocks in your calendar.

Getting to know some technical importation details

See below some additional information about this feature:

Same iCal link in two or more listingsThis may trigger availability conflicts in your listings, so we will notify you on your home panel if this occurs, as shown in the example to the side.
Settings that restrict availabilityIt may happen that your partner channel sends us block settings, such as availability period and preparation time, through iCal, and your calendar stays with several blocks.
If this happens, the ideal is to disable these settings on your partner channel and export the calendar to the channel.
How to recognize imported blocks in the calendar?The blocks will normally arrive on your calendar, and when you open the block, you will have an "iCal" tag with the name of the connection chosen by you and the author of the block will be the user who made the iCal connection between the listings.
Will I be notified if the link is wrong?It may happen that your iCal link has a typo, so next to the connection we will display a "corrupted connection" icon, as shown in the example on the side. 
Is this the only option to connect my listings to partners?No, it is not.
In addition to this type of connection - which is the most basic one - has the Stays Alliance feature, which allows you to link listings with other Stays affiliates and thus receive reservations with information and prices.
If your partner is not a Stays client, it is also possible to get or send data through API.

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