Preparation time is the time gap in which you need to be able to organize your listing after the check-out of a guest and before the check-in of the next guest.

When making this configuration, the result will be a block in the calendar. You can set it in hours or days.

What you find in this article

Enabling the preparation time

Go to the [Settings > Reservation > Automatic Blocks] menu and find the [Auto Block Settings] section. Choose the setting that you want by reading the instructions on the screen and save the changes.

Setting the policy per listings

If you need to set a different preparation time per listing, access the listing´s page and click on the tab [Distribution > Reservation Settings > Auto Blocking Settings].

Just click on the [Individual] button, enter the policies you want and save the changes on the upper right side of the screen:

When clicking on the [Global] button it will be possible to see the preview of the configuration applied to the system´s global model.
Even if you have multi unit location, the configuration is always made on each listing´s page.
As for the cloned listings, they will receive the configuration of the parent listing.

Now that you already know abou the prepation time of the listings, how about checking out related subjects?