From your, you will be able to communicate via email to your guests, owners and receive internal notices to improve your organization, so see below the main information about the resource:

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What types of emails are there on Stays?

There are 4 types of email in all: master templates, sub-templates, customized templates per listing and customized templates per sales channel.

For the correct functioning of the triggering, it is important to consider that there is a hierarchy of triggering, according to the pyramid below:

For a deeper understanding of each type of email, see the material below:
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How do I find the dashboard with the email templates?

The panel with email templates is located in the menu [Catalog > Email Templates] and the initial version of the panel is as shown in the image below:

By clicking on the names, you will have access to the templates' library for each block and you will have access to the editing area, however before making your changes, it is important to know well the target audience from each email and the context of each message!o

How will email templates help me? has several email templates and this serves several members of the productive chain of a hosting establishment, so see below the different management needs that the platform meets:

Need Help
Internal has more than 10 templates developed for internal notices for you and your team, about simple actions such as requesting a reservation on the site or approaching the end of the partnership contract with landlords.DISCOVER
Notify guests about has 7 templates aimed at streamlining repetitive tasks such as sending reservation confirmations, informing guests about the arrival date to avoid no-shows, managing cancellation requests and other tasks, and in many of these templates it is possible to configure automatic message sending triggers!DISCOVER
Charging and Reservation has more than 10 templates that will help you send PDF documents to guests, entrances and receptions at the locations of your listings, in addition to the guest charging routine, such as sending payment links, bank slips and other reinforcement messages.DISCOVER
Business Relationship with has some templates to bring your brand closer to your guests during and after their stay, in addition to a personalized reservation proposal process.DISCOVER
OwnersIn addition to having the Owners' Extranet and the Menu for Advertisers, has 3 email templates aimed at owners, with the aim of notifying them of new reservations, cancellations and an accountability document.DISCOVER
UsersMessages that are related to the registration of users in general, whether they are guests, owners or members of your team.DISCOVER
To obtain an accurate view of the possibilities of communicating via email using your resources, be sure to check each link in the chart above.

How do I edit email templates?

Just find the desired template in the [Catalog > Email Templates] menu and click on it.

This opens the editing area, which is found in the central part and on the right side of the screen, as shown in the image below:

In addition to simple text editing, you can use content variables that pull information from other areas of the system, making your messages dynamic.
Another point is related to the Stays security backup, where in eventual editing failure, just click on Load Default Content and the factory model will be restored.
See more tips below:
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