counts with several email templates to help you in your daily routine and they are divided into types.

See below what are the types of email templates and a brief description about each one.

MASTER TEMPLATESThese are the default email templates for sending manually or automatically.
It is the basic level of the templates of, therefore, it contains all the routines of messages, for example: the booking confirmation, booking reminder, request for guest review, among others.
SUB-TEMPLATESSUB-TEMPLATES are small fragments of structure that can be applied as variables in other email templates.
It is a very useful feature for headers, footers and other layout adjustments.
It is from this feature that you will be able to add a signature on the email templates of your
PARTNER TEMPLATESThese are e-mails destined for the routine of business partners.
In this case, from the configuration of your partners, it is possible to enable some customized templates based on the sales channel where the booking was made.
They will prevail over the MASTER TEMPLATES and include the pre booking emails, booking confirmation, booking reminder and request for guest review.
GROUP TEMPLATESThey are differentiated e-mails for certain lodgings.
They replicate the email list of the MASTER TEMPLATES and you can change the content of the emails or graphic presentation based on the segment set up in the lodging groups.
To create a group template, simply configure a group of lodgings and activate the [Communication with Guest] function.

To access these email templates just go to the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > E-mail Templates] menu.