When setting the email templates from your Stays.net, one of the points to note is the email signature, which is important for your business identity.

Check below the instructions to add a signature to your emails:

  1. Put your logo or other images in the media manager;
  2. Access the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > Email Templates] menu;
  3. At the left side, select the [Sub-Template] section;
  4. Click on the [Create Sub Template] button;
  5. Edit the content of the signature;
  6. Save the changes.

From this action, your sub-template will be a variable in the other types of email and you just need to apply it to the content of the other emails:

You can use the sub-template to group small fixed information together and add it to the email templates. It is useful when creating footers, headers, among others.

Now that you already know how to add signatures to your emails, how about checking out other related subjects?