When configuring different types of email, you will need to pay attention to the concept of email template hierarchy, as in relation to the triggering, Stays.net only choose one of the templates. See below how the hierarchy works:

Check out below more details about each e-mail template:

PARTNER TEMPLATESIt is the highest level of the triggering hierarchy, so if the reservation is linked to a business partner that has personalized email communication, the content of these emails will prevail over the other levels.
To have personalized email templates per partner, just mark [Yes] in the [Email template] field of the partner configuration.
It is important to mention that regarding pre-reservation emails it is possible to disable the automatic triggering of messages, however, for other templates, Stays.net will send one of the other templates if the template is disabled in [PARTNER TEMPLATE].
GROUP TEMPLATESIn the absence of partner templates, Stays.net will search in the list of this level for the content to be sent.
Developed to enable the communication to be differentiated by listing groups, this feature helps businesses that have product lines for different market niches.
To enable a communication group, just click on the [Communication with Guest] function when saving your group.
MASTER TEMPLATESIt is the most basic level of the triggering hierarchy and will be the last source of content of Stays.net when triggering a certain email.
By default, Stays.net has some templates prepared to help you in the initial phase of using the system, but it is highly recommended that you check our templates and make the necessary adjustments.

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