It is necessary to pay attention to the hierarchy when setting up different email templates, as in relation to the triggering, the system sends only one of them. Check below how it works:

Templates for business partners (PARTNER TEMPLATES)It is the highest level of the triggering hierarchy. If the reservation is linked to a business partner that has personalized email communication, the content of these emails will prevail over the other levels. To have personalized email templates per partner, select [Yes] on the [Email template] field of the partner settings.

Note: It is important to disable the automatic triggering emails of pre-reservations. However, if the template is disabled to other types of email on [PARTNER TEMPLATE], the system sends one of the templates below.
Communication templates per section (GROUP TEMPLATES)In the absence of partner templates, the system looks for the content in this list. The template allows a different communication with listings groups. To enable a communication groups, click on the [Communication with Guest] role.
MASTER TEMPLATESIt is the most basic level of the triggering hierarchy. It is the last source of content triggering a specific email. The system has some preset templates to help you in the initial phase of using the system, but it is highly recommended that you check and make the necessary adjustments.