Creating personalized emails according to the sales channel is a way to let your listing lined up with the message guidelines that each sales channel has and a chance to produce bigger credibility of your brand with customers.

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How do I activate email personalization by sales channel?

To activate the editing area, you must enable the email template option within the registration of your sales channel.
To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Finance > Auxiliaries > Providers] menu;
  2. Find the desired channel manager and click on it;
  3. At the right side of the screen, scroll to the [Reservation Settings] section;
  4. In the [Email template] field, mark the [Yes] option;
  5. Save the changes made at the upper right side of the screen.
For reservations from your Stays website, the content will be the default Stays emails, located in the [Master Templates] section from the email editing panel!
The above feature only applies to sales channels outside Stays, such as, Despegar or business partners that you have.

How can I edit the contents by sales channel?

After enabling the editing of personalized emails for the present sales channel, you must edit the contents using the path below:

  1. Access the [Catalog > E-mail Templates] menu;
  2. Click on the name of the desired channel;
  3. Click on the email template you want to edit;
  4. Make changes in the edit panel in the center of the screen;
  5. Save the changes made.
For more information on editing email templates, we have material to help you!
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Which contents can I edit by sales channel? 

You will be able to edit the following email templates for personalization by partners:

Pre-bookingThis template is useful when the reservation is not yet confirmed, that is, payment by the guest is still required.
If it is a channel compatible with Stays and charging is your responsibility, remember to mark the pre-booking status in the channel manager configuration, in case you have to charge guests.
Reservation confirmationIt is the email that will be sent to guests after they pay using your Stays website!
If you are the one who posted the payment in the booking page, you must send the manual email to the guest and the content will be the default used for all channels!
One tip is to encourage the use of the website's reservation finder to facilitate your routine of charging reservations from sales channels!
Notification of last minute reservationsThis is a special notice to guests if you would like to provide more information for reservations made in a short period of time before arrival.SEE DETAILS
Reservation reminderIt helps to avoid no-shows, in which a few days before the guest's arrival, you can send reservation details, additional instructions about the arrival process and other content of your choice.
The trigger logic is the same used for reservations through the website or direct sales.
Guest review requestA few days after the guest leaves, you can either send a link to your website or, if you prefer, set up the link based on your sales channel page to get guest reviews.
The trigger logic is the same used for reservations through the website or direct sales.

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