To see a list of your listings, you must go to the [Listings] menu.

When opening the page, you will be able to filter all listings or concentrate by address.

Check below for more details on the types of filters available on the screen:

Filter Type
All listingsIt is the most complete type of search, as it groups both single units as well as address listings, that is, those with multiple units.

You can find filters such as instant booking policy, number of rooms, products with gap in the rates and the custom lists created through lodging groups, for example.
By address
It is a search more directed to enterprises that have addresses that group several units, since the search is more focused on the commercial status of the listings, these Multi Unit Listings and the general address of the listing (free typing to filter by text).

Remember that in addition to these searches through the [Listings] menu, the upper menu of your has a [Quick Search], where it is also possible to search for a particular listing by internal name, address and other information:

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