One of the most important points when dealing with vacation rental is having a well structured and produced listing. When creating a listing, it's essential that you see it as your sales window: the more elaborate and eye catching, the more people will become interested in it and most probably access it. But calling attention is not enough. When accessing it, the guest needs to find content and availability. To help you, we've created a small list with some tips that will help you in that process:

1) At least 10 high resolution photos: Each OTA defines high resolution in a different way. The ideal would be learning each channel's reolution and try to adapt your photos to as many as possible.

2) Photo Tag: Each photo should have its own tag. Tags are nothing more than a description of each photo. Example: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, etc. If you need help with this issue, we have some video material that might help:

3) Rooms setup: It's essential that the setup is made correctly, informing the bed types, rooms size, rooms number, etc. Provide as much information as possible. The same video tutorial above can help in this process.

4) Facilities with Photo Tag: In this case, tags regard infrastructure or surroundings. If you have any doubts about this process, you can access the video below that explains how to do this setup:

5) Make the property available for the next 12 months: This item is extremely important. Most reservations made in OTAs are made beforehand. Research indicates that most of them are made 9 months in advance. Therefore, making your calendar available for the next 12 months from activation significantly raises your chances to get a reservation.


What's the ideal photo resolution for OTA listings?

The recommended resolution for all OTAs is Full 1080p HD (1920x1080).

Photos are watermarked in my system. Does this go to OTAs?

No. If you uploaded original photos without watermarks in the system, there's no need to worry. The system has a watermark mechanism for your website, but for OTAs the image is sent without it.