Registering rooms is important for your listing to be organized in your website or OTAs with content connection.

It is from this registration that you can, for example, define the configuration of the beds and set up a set of photos by area of your lodging.

To register rooms, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access your lodging page;
  2. Access the [Rooms] tab in the menu on the left side;
  3. Click on the green button [+ Room / Photo Set];
  4. Choose the type of your room;
  5. Save changes at the upper right side of the screen.

Tips on the 4th step

  • Beds configuration
    If you choose a room compatible with beds, do not forget to feed this information as well, as this is what determines the maximum capacity of guests in your lodging!
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  • Registration of other facilities
    This option is intended primarily for users who want to register lodging inventory items to perform quality controls.
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After completing the registration of the rooms, do not forget to add the photos of each space with captions!

How to add photos?