To ensure good quality in your listings, it is necessary that they have photos that describe the place well and what your guests will be able to experience during their stay, so it is important that each room in your listing has some images.

To register the photos in each space of your listing, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the listing page;
  2. Access the [Content] tab and find the [Rooms] section;
  3. Click on the desired room;
  4. Insert your photos in the [Room Photos] section;
  5. After uploading the files, add the tags of the images;
  6. Save the changes made at the top right of the screen.
Photos are important to be able to export content to sales channels and website, but if you want more interactivity in your listings on the website, you can add a video or even apply virtual tour code.
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Remember that in addition to the photos of each room in your listing, it is important to register photos of the surroundings as well.
You will be able to insert images from the [Location] tab.