When putting your listings on Stays.net, you will be able to create listings in some sales channels based on the content entered on our platform, therefore we recommend the actions below:

Insert, at least, 10 high resolution photosEach channel has its own definition of high resolution, so to ensure quality, we always recommend using Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.SEE DETAILS
Register your rooms and bedsThe registration is important for your photos to be correctly grouped, and the maximum guest capacity is established by the number of beds, so you must also register extra beds!SEE DETAILS
Put tags in the listing photosWhen adding any photo in your listing, use the tags feature, as this is important to make it clearer what the image is about, making your listing with more quality and content on partner portals!
Keep your listing available for the next 12 monthsAnother important criterion for ranking is the availability of your listing, so we always recommend keeping your prices registered within a period of at least 12 months from the current date.
Configure your availability period on Stays, as we will help you remember to register prices!

In addition to these tips, in each Stays.net listing you will have a content validator developed based on the content requirements of the content-compatible sales channels, so the closer your score is to 100%, the higher the quality of your listing.

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