By default, we call these cases at Stays as Incomplete Reservations, which happen when the guest starts the purchase journey on website, choosing the payment method, but does not finish the transaction, creating a pre-reservation in the calendar. 

This is a strategic action, because with basic data provided by the guests during the reservation process, you and your team will be able to contact consumers trying to convert the reservations, so see how you can find the reservations.

For further details on how to set up the data that guests have to provide to book their listings on their website, see the link below: 
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Finding Incomplete Reservations from your menu

In your Stays menu on the left side, go to [Reservation Center > Incomplete Reservations (Webite)].

You will have a search filter, therefore select the desired date and click on Update button to create the list, according to the image below: 

After that, just click on the Details button located next to each reservation on the far right of the screen to access more information about the reservations, such as guests data and other more.

Finding Incomplete Reservations through Home Dashboard

If you have a user with Reservation Agents assignments, you will be able to see a list with Incomplete Site Reservations right on your home dashboard, according to the example below: 

To access the reservation details, just click on the Reservation code (e.g., LN01H), located on the left side on the guests' name.

Remember that to be a Reservation Agent, the user must have the reservations operational routine linked to the user registration. 
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