When a guest start the reservation process on your page, choose a payment method and do not complete the action, the Stays.net will allocate your user's search as a pre-reservation on your calendar, with the aim of ensuring the guest a chance to finalize the reservation.

This process will occupy the calendar of the listing chosen by the guest during the search period, so it is important that you do some actions for these cases:

Configure a deadline for these pre-reservations to expireYou have the power to define how long to wait for the guest's payment.
Stays.net will delete the reservations not paid within their deadlines every 15 minutes!
Manage the cases that ariseYou will have a list with the incomplete reservations from your website with basic information about the potential guest. You will be able to delegate cases to your agents and work on converting these cases into reservations.SEE DETAILS
Configure the email triggering for the guest in these casesIn addition to the messages displayed on the website during the reservation process, it is possible to send the guest an email stressing the non-completion of payment for the reservation and its expiration date.SEE DETAILS

After learning about the cases of incomplete sales on the website, how about finding out more about the guest's shopping journey on your Stays.net website?