To capture guest reviews, you will have the following features:

Automatic message triggering after the guests' departureBy default, triggers an email requesting feedback on the stay three days after the guest's departure, so just register the guest's correct email in the database and we will make the request.
If you want to change the time of sending the request, it is possible to do it from the menu [Settings > E-mail Settings], from the options beside.

Do not forget to save the changes made at the bottom left side of the page!
Force sending manuallyAfter the guest's departure date, you can go to the booking page and in the [Communication with Guest] block, manually force the sending, by clicking on the icon beside.

In addition to the options above, it is possible to manually create the reviews or your guest will be able to, spontaneously, access their booking panel on the website and leave the review.

Now that you know how to capture the reviews for your, how about checking other information about that area?