E-mail template is the tool that manages the manual and automatic e-mails sent by the system, with standard texts and many variables to make a simples process and automate the sending of e-mails.

To access the e-mail templates:

            1. Access [Website & Template Manager> Templates> E-mail Templates]

            2. Select one of the option: Master Templates, Sub Templates, Partner Templates, Group Templates, Autoresponder Templates.

Master Templates:

All the e-mails sent by the system manually or automatic, being able to have the content customized along with several variables.

Sub Templates:

They are fragments of structure that can be applied as variables in other e-mail templates. The most common use of the tool is for e-mail signatures.

Partner Templates:

They are customized e-mails to be sent to the guest in agreement with the commercial partner.

Group Templates:

They are differentiated emails based on the master that are applied exclusively to a certain group of real estate. Its most common use is when the product segments are well defined.

Autoresponder Templates:

Emails templates geared to the automatic response of the sales channels HomeAway  and FlipKey (TripAdvisor). It is recommended to edit the content under the supervision of our Support Team as there is an integrated logic to them.


Which types of e-mail templates are available in partner templates?

In "Partner Templates", will be possible to have the confirmation of pré-reservation, reservation, reservation reminder and guest comment solicitation after check-out.

How do I activate Group Templates?

Just access [Catalog> Groups] and configure a "Communication Group".