To help in your routine of charging and receiving reservations from the Airbnb channel,, through the API integration with the channel, will receive notifications of cancellations made on your Extranet and, if that's the case, will release the amounts on the reservation page of your system.

The amounts to be received are directly linked to your Cancellation Policy configured on the channel.
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See below the main possibilities about the behavior of payments for canceled reservations:

Host receives payment after the cancellation of the reservationThis is the case where your Cancellation Policy stipulates only a non-refundable policy to the guest or partially refundable.
This mean that when the guest requests the cancellation, the host will have the right to receive an amount regarding the reservation. The system will receive the notification from Airbnb and release correctly the amount in the reservation page according to the example beside.
Guest receives refund after the cancellation of the reservationIn the cases of cancellation, where the policy chosen by the host allows the refund to the guest, the payment of the reservation will be deleted from the page, once the host will not receive any amount.

Now that you already know how the amounts of reservations canceled on Airbnb get to the system, how about checking out more related subjects?