As with other sales channels, cancellation must be done directly on the Airbnb portal.

This is because each channel has its own policies and reservations are the result of an agreement between you and the sales channel.

Check out below how the flow works according to your work model on the platform:

I Accept Instant Bookings

I Do Not Accept Instant Bookings
The host may cancel your reservations in a limit of up to 3 reservations per year.
In this case, you will be subject to penalties due to cancellation, except the cases of extenuating circumstances.

If you exceed this limit, Airbnb will ask you to disable your platform listing as a penalty.
As you have the option to confirm booking acceptance, the policy on cancellations is stricter.

Whatever your profile may be, do not remove the reservation manually on!

After confirmation of cancellation, the information will be received by and we will automatically delete the booking from your calendar if the lodging is connected to Airbnb.