Domain migration is one of the most important processes on your onboarding journey, however the time to do this depends on your commercial strategy and, mainly, on your main objective when you acquired our tool.

The main topic to know is that this must be done so that your website works according to your expectations and that the ideal is that you have already completed some steps.

Check the necessary steps for the domain migration to be done at the most appropriate time, according to our recommendations.

1Website with content already configuredIf you are starting your site from scratch with, the ideal is that you already have your website with user-friendly content, as launching a domain with unfinished content may generate suspicion of guests or loss of credibility in relation to your services.SEE DETAILS
2Payment channels
Imagine you choose the listing of your dreams, agree to pay a considerable amount and give up the reservation because you have no option to make payments?
This is what happens if you have listings available for instant reservations, but no payment options for guests!
3Email communications configured has a series of email templates that can help you in your day-to-day operations.
To enjoy this feature, it is essential that you already have your automatic shots and templates programmed, because when activating a website, the volume of messages and routines tend to increase in the medium term.
If these steps do not fit your business or you are still unsure about when you want to make your domain, send an email to and our success team can help you with some strategic tips for your business.

Now that you know about our recommendation regarding the time to migrate your domain, how about going back to take a look at more articles on the topic?