Before proceeding, it's important that you have already purchased your domain.

The editing of the website on Stays, follows the "self-made" proposal, that is, you can customize your website yourself with the resources developed by our team. To edit your page, it's important to keep in mind what the structure of the website will be and already have basic information about your business, such as your logo and main photos.

Check out the steps below to learn how to start editing.

Step 1. Add your images into media manager

Upload your media manager, master photos, and images you plan to use on invoices and email communications into the media manager.

Step 2. Include your logo on the website and system

The first step to giving your brand a visual identity is to include your logo on the website, printed documents and other areas of your system.

Step 3. Edit your website's main colors

Adjust the colors of the header, footer, buttons and alert messages according to your visual identity, that is, following the colors of your logo.

Step 4. Add blocks to your hot sites

Your website already has a base of content and pages, and you can edit the structures according to your preferences.