Domain migration consists of making your content developed on visible on the internet.
As you know, each new Stays account receives a "fictitious domain" consisting of its acronym and the domain:
Examples:,, etc.

When advancing with your website from, you need to have a purchased domain and migrate domain means to get your content developed on Stays and put it in this internet space.
Example: Transforming the into

To help you better understand the process, we created the table below with the main information:

What is the relationship between website and domain?
Domain is the place where the content of your website will be hosted and what will make your content registered on be visible on internet search engines!
In addition, with a domain you have a corporate email!
How can I register and purchase a domain?
Your domain needs to be registered and hosted.
Regarding registration, in Brazil the registry is responsible for, however, in addition to registering there, you must hire a hosting service to complete the process.
Disclaimer: Registration in other countries may have different processes.
What is corporate email and what is it for?
Corporate email (professional) is a credibility tool for your business.
With it you will be able to personalize the sender of emails generated by Stays and prevent your messages from being spammed in the email box of your guests and owners!
When is the ideal time to migrate my domain?
It depends on your business strategy and your focus when using Stays services.
Read the article on the link beside for more information!

After reading the main information about the domain concept, you can choose one of the paths below to proceed.
The On Your Own option will take you to an article with more instructions on how you can do the process without sharing your hosting portal credentials with us. It is an option suitable for advanced users.
The Ask for Help option should be chosen if you want our support, however you will need to fill out a form with your domain access credentials and other information necessary for our team to help you with the task.