In your onboarding journey, you will often find the words website and domain, so check below the difference between these concepts that are extremely related:

Domain is the address where your page (website) is located on the internet.Represents the content set of your your listings, your logo, the footer of the website and other visual structures.
In addition to the website, you can link your email to it, so if your domain is, you can have commercial emails like, for example.In practice, the website is one of the components of your acquired domain and you will be able to adjust the contents from the first moment of your onboarding!
In the Stays onboarding process, this is necessary so that your website content has visibility in the search engines, in addition to your brand being the sender of the emails generated through automatically.It is a process that you will be able to do on your own and will have a brief meeting with our design team to adjust technical details.
It will not be necessary to contract the security certificate (SSL) with external tools, because it will be added automatically during domain migration.

Now that you have seen the difference between website and domain, how about checking out more details on the domain migration process?