With the Administrator version of Stays.net, you will be able to elaborate actions that edit prices without compromising the base rate structure and, with that, adapt your prices based on market characteristics.

See the table below with the actions that can be taken and what you can achieve from them:

Monitor prices in your regionStays.net has a partnership with AirDNA, a reference in relation to market data.
You will be able to compare your occupancy rate and average monthly prices with competing listings from your region!
Set up promotional packagesIf your calendar has small gaps between one reservation and the next, packages can help you fill the gap.
It is a tool compatible only with the advanced pricing model!
Discount couponsPracticed in high volume in the market, you can create "passwords" that generate discount when the user puts it in the reservation.
It is a good tool for advertising the brand on social networks or even partnering with companies from other branches (e.g. advantages club).
Discounts according to the chosen payment methodThis action is more focused on your business than on the final guest.
You can give discounts on the website if the user chooses a specific payment method.
This can be useful to reduce your card fee costs or less delay in receiving the amounts paid by the guest.
Vary your prices depending on when the reservation is madeIt is common in the market to adapt the daily rates based on the advance in which the reservation is made.
You will be able to see the medium term that your guests book in advance and based on that, configure price changes in the daily rates through dynamic pricing rules.
Feature compatible only with the advanced pricing model.