Promotions are a good mechanism to optimize your occupation throughout the year and is geared towards occupying Calendar loopholes.

The prices created in the promotions override the prices of the seasons and events and, therefore, it is possible that you make your accommodation available for 01 night only on an exceptional basis, for example. See the example below, where you would miss the one night rental if you have a tariff with minimum overnight stays that are higher than 01 night: 

To register the promotions, access:

  1.  Access your accommodation then go to [Availability> Calendar].

  2. Select a date and drag your mouse to the period you wish to apply a promotion. The selected period will be in dark blue color.

  3. Release the mouse button once you have the period desired for creation.

  4. After this, the system will show some actions and you must press the button “Create promotion”.

  5. Select the promocional value for total nights chosen.

  6. In case you want to offer smaller promocional price for a small number of nights in this period, click on [Add night rate] and include the minimum stay and daily value.

  7. Click on [Publish Promotion].

Setting Up a Promotion

By following the steps above, you will arrive on the screen below and here follows more details on each component of the screen:

  • Yellow screen area -> The current version of system prices will be displayed on the left side. The night minimums, the seasons or events of the period and in the upper part the total value of the quotation (total value of the daily + cleaning fee, if applicable). In the case of the screen, the total value would be R$ 720,00. Note that the Promotion period chosen is 02 nights (upper left of the screen)!

  • Red screen area -> This area has the basic settings for the new Promotion. On the top right side, you must enter the total amount of the daily rates. In this case, since the Promotion includes 02 nights, you must add the total amount of the 02 nights you wish and the system below will already put the amount per night. Further down the left side of the screen you define whether you want to charge cleaning fee or not. There is also the possibility to select which amount of fee you want to charge in the promotional period.

  • Green area of the screen -> If you made the adjustments only in the red area of the screen would already be enough to have a promotion in the system, however as the minimum of nights of the original package would be 02 nights, Bookings closed with total nights less than 02 would also be charged at the full amount of the package. Based on this, there is the [add rates per night] button where you can create sub-tariffs within the promotional period to better serve those who will be less nights in relation to the original duration of the package (eg 01, 02 or 03 nights ). Next to each pricing plan, you can check the "Show on site" option if you want these sub-tariffs to appear prominently in the ad price display.

The end result of the action would be this one (note that the sub-tariffs are also listed in the price per night for the period searched):


Are Promotions highlighted on my website?

Yes. The website user is presented with promotional nights both on the homepage and it is also possible to have a [Promotions] tab in the Home Menu that will allocate all of your promotional periods.

What is the option "Show at Website"?
This option shows in your website, the daily value entered [Add night rate], apart from package value.

Are the promotions applied to OTA's?
Yes. the daily values are send to the OTA's, but there is no promotional hightlight on the OTA's site, as when you make a direct promotion on extranet of each OTA. It's important to remember that if you include a minimum stay promotion in Stays website, that is not in the OTA's, you must add this mininum stay in the OTA's as well.

Is it possible to create promotions for different accommodations at the same time?
In case you have a price group or cloned, you create a promotion for master accommodation and it will be reflected to all accommodations with this classification . Othewise, it's not possible to create the same promotion for different types of accommodations ate the same time.